The Changing

As a strong believer, I believe in the changing of immensely broad culture and atmosphere associated with the fashion industry, I’ve always kept an eye out for designers/stylists and other fashionable individuals who share common interests. This is what drew me to Annie Wu, the designer, and artist behind Article. After reading a brief article on Broadsheet about her label, visiting her wonderfully clean and blunt website, it became clear to me that Annie Wu isn’t your typical fashion designer per se.

Throughout our correspondence, from when I first contacted her last year in the hopes of interviewing her about her label and broader issues which surround the fashion industry, she has challenged me and my views of the industry. Annie was the first and only reader of my blog (then Sassy & Hip) who named the irrelevance of the title vs the content and I really do respect that.

An article, a design project by Annie Wu is not concerned with fashion however the fashion industry. The difference is this; fashion nowadays is extremely trend-based and the increasing rate of consuming and disposing of clothing is becoming dangerously unsustainable. While you can recycle clothing, this still does nothing to combat this issue. The article is a project which addresses the issues mentioned above.

By pushing against the fast commercialized nature of the fashion industry and limiting the number of garments produced, it puts an emphasis on the quality of the work, therefore, establishing a unique and never before the experienced relationship between the wearer of the garment and the garment itself. The articles of clothing are not governed by their design as they typically would be in fashion. Instead, sustainability and authenticity are at the forefront of the philosophy of Article by Annie Wu.

Article’s key philosophy is based around the idea of individuality – that each garment is made-to-order with a strong focus around the experience of the consumer. The garment is unique in the fact that the garment is made when requested by the consumer. This entails the consumer to build an intimate and direct relationship with the supplier, one which is extremely rare in the case of the fashion industry – an industry now dominated by mass production and so-called democratization.

Article by Annie Wu is a conversation about the fashion industry in itself as it strives to take fashion back to its very origins. It discusses the increasing rate of careless consumerism which may become unattainable, while, at the same time our clothes will no longer hold any integrity. It represents an ever-changing catalog of a project which expires time, a body of work which is not bound by the fashion industry,

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