The Best Trekking Adventure Among The Mountains Of High Atlas

Usually, when somebody talks about The Best Trekking Adventure Among The Mountains Of High Atlas, the one that came to mind is the Rockies or the Himalayan mountain range. Rarely anybody mentioned the captivating desolation of The Best Trekking Adventure Among The Mountains Of High Atlas range somewhere in the North African country of Morocco.

The ranges boast of stunning peaks way over 3,000 meters and vast mountainous landscape. Hikers could enjoy all that by journeying the south of Marrakech or to the north of Taroudant.However, unless you are familiar with the plains, do not attempt a solo journey as the mountain could be treacherous.

Try searching under the Morocco tour guide and you’ll find some good points on hiring personal guides in the country. There are many of them and they would definitely assist you in getting transport, lodging, food and especially guiding you or your group through the mountain range.

This is vital as the High Atlas range is way past the modern Marrakech and you will face the old-style livelihood of the Berber communities. Under the Morocco tour guide, you can actually opt for trekking with some of the nomadic Berber communities as part of your trekking program. With this, you can learn about their lifestyle and enjoy a safer journey among the locals. Staying in some of the remote earthen style Berber homes is also something you should try.
But where should you go trekking in High Atlas?

Ask your guide about the best part of the mountain range. They would usually advise on many well-known valleys, gorges and remote villages. For the valleys and gorges itself, you will need to have good stamina to go through them though they will be animal porter like donkeys to help carry your load. Carry a small backpack on your own across the beautiful Tiz n Test mountain pass, from the town of Marrakech to Taroudant trails.

Then trek the Tizi n Taghatine pass, at the southern edge of Taroudant following the Zagora or Ouarzazate road. Experience the volcanic Jbel Siroua; the Tizi n Tickha pass and maybe spend some time admiring the gorges of Todra and Dades. There are many more in the vast natural landscape. Thus, it is good to have your own map of the Atlas’ mountain.

Apart from the mountains, make visiting remote villages as part of your trekking goal. Imlil and Armed are two villages that are well known for its walnut, apples, and cherries. Many hikers stopped at either village before trekking on to Jebel Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa. Or opt for Ouirgane village before you start off on Tiz n Test treks or heading to Tinmel Mosque.

Remember that any mountain treks can be quite dangerous. Yet it is something worth experiencing and every intrepid hiker would agree that they learn a new thing each time they go on a trail even when they had been there before. So if you want to try out High Atlas, get a good guide to assist you in every way.

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