How to clean the curtains without taking them down?

Cleaning curtains is one of those domiciliary chores that people have been doing for years. The process of taking them down, cleaning, pressing, and re-hanging them is a difficult one — which is why many people change them. Despite the fact, you can keep your drapes and curtains in the best condition without taking them down. As long as someone has the right equipment, curtain cleaning could be much easier than anyone assumes.

  • “Vacuum” If all you’re dealing with dust, a powerful vacuum cleaner with an extended attachment can be all you require to clean the curtains. For the most excellent results, however, you should use a cleaning system that is mobile and lightweight. Use a soft brush along with vacuum to get rid of stubborn dust and dirt, and vacuum regularly to maintain your curtain’s cleanliness.
  • ‘’Shake out curtains” Using a set of ladders, climb up to the top of the curtains and shake them hardly from somewhere near the rod or pole. This will dislodge stubborn dirt and dust — although you’ll need to vacuum the surrounding areas of the floor afterward.
  • “Brush away any tiny fibers” Many types of curtain can attract dust and fabric fibers — commonly referred to as lint — which can stick to the stuff even while you are vacuuming. If you see that your vacuum cleaner has not removed all the dust, use a brush or line roller. To make sure you got everything, have someone pull the curtains outwardly and flat it.
  • “Use the power of steam” If you observe that your curtains have unsightly spots or stains, a mere vacuum cleaner would not be enough. But rather than taking the curtains down and then cleaning, you can remove stubborn stains while your curtains remain in the hanging situation — with the stream-power. A powerful, steam cleaner with an upholstery attachment can often dislodge stains and dirt from curtains with the minimum of effort. This method of curtain cleaning is particularly useful if your curtains are thick and made with natural fibers.
  • “Deodorise” A reliable steam cleaner should be able to remove the most unwanted odors from the curtains. Despite this, if any remain, you might need to take a few extra steps. For instance, an upholstery deodorizer in spray form is ideal for making curtains smelling clean and fresh. To keep the surrounding areas free of dust and fresh, place on the windowsill, a bowl of baking powder and your favorite essential oil.
  • “Allow your curtains to breathe” It is essential to give your curtains lots of fresh air — both after cleaning and at regular intervals during the average week.

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