How should you do hiking with a gun?


The following is an email address that I sent to a student who asked me to walk with a rifle. The condition in which she walks is legally permitted with a pistol.  This advice can be useful if you decide to carry a weapon during your stroll.  Be sure it’s legal to carry a weapon before you do it

It takes me to do a lot of out – of-season searching.  Often I walk in isolated areas to look for games alone.  The pistol is not for fighting, it’s for two legged plagues. I do carry a cheap best revolvers  with me.  “Coyotes” and drug dealers have used some of the places I target as human trafficking routes.  It was not, but in these modern times it is a fact of life.

I find walkers in these places occasionally.  I find other hunters sometimes who do the same thing I do.  Sometimes I have a day and don’t see a living soul in those places.  In general, in a powerful side hip holester I wear a full-sized handgun (1911 in ACP or S&W.357) with an old nylon gun-belt from the police force.  This works best for me because as I step into the hinterland it is convenient to take and my keeper decks the arms well and holds dirt and waste out of the weapons. The pocket holds the weapon secure, so I don’t drop it.  I can often cycle in perfect relaxation eight to ten miles a day with this mode of transportation.  But it is very difficult for me to conceal the weapons, because of the mode of transportation.  So I’m not going to annoy.

If I simply walk, as I love to do, many other people also walk in the same place.  In these situations, I feel a greater need to dissimulate the gun under order to prevent other passengers from freaking out.  I normally choose a slightly smaller firearm in these cases and carry it in the fanny pack designed for a certain reason.  In my case either I have my Springfield XD-40 or my RugerSP-101 Magnum.  You could also look at a well made holster for the shoulder.  But I have a lot of friends who like them in a forest. I don’t care about them.

Travel mode will be a comfort issue if you walk any way. But, after returning four or five miles to a rough country in dry, cold or whatever, they were extremely disappointing and unpleasant.  Most of this was a matter of the gunbelt.  Once upon a time, two of my friends gave me a ribbing because I was wearing a gun-belt and not simply keeping my pants ‘ belt on a holster, as they wanted to do so.  By the end of the day, in Mountain County, we had traveled over 8 miles.  They both complained about their side arms which caused them all day long agony and discomfort.  Both people now have a high-quality gunbelt with a strong side hip brace.

Now that you know how and what to carry it, I need to explain that you are following the local and state laws concerning guns in the region you travel.  Laws vary greatly from one State to another but also from one county to another and from one city to one city.  They can even vary based on whether you are walking on federal or state property.  In some cases, the securing of a hunting license will give you a legal reason to carry an arms fire when “scouting.”  Make sure your license always lets you carry a visible pistol if you have a concealed carriage permit.  There are those who do.  Also, not others.  This is the basic message, do your homework in front of your target.

You will go on the road and you will be confident of being able to defend yourself from any possible troublemaker, both four legged and two, as you make your legal homework and select the right arms and equipment.

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