Holiday Inn Vacation Part II

Holiday Inn Vacation Part II. For those who didn’t read part I, I’ve told that I live in an Akumal Villa and that I decided to spend the holidays with my boyfriend’s family in Merida; a near distance city. Holiday Inn Vacation Part II is going on.

After hours of nearly dying from starvation and having literally robbed food from the forbidden to visitors table, we had dinner, asked for Posada (Mexican Holiday tradition) and fist hit a piñata! I was tired! So I begged to be taken to bed, at the moment I missed my Akumal Villa.

Since we didn’t have a place to stay in Merida and we brought our dog with us, we decided to start looking for motels or any drive-in hotel-type where we could infiltrate our dog, since Mexican normal hotels don’t accept dogs, in fact, dogs are not welcome indoors anywhere. We finally found a holiday inn type of hotel where the infiltration was a piece of cake!

Missing my family on the 25th morning was fatal, so I thought about my Akumal villa to feel better, somehow the thought of my homemade me felt better. But it was impossible not tho think of my family reunions on the 25th mornings; where I would all meet to watch traditional seasonal movies until lunchtime. I cannot remember feeling that way since summer camp’s infinite homesickness.

I needed to return to my Akumal villa for starters and maybe rent a season movie and take advantage of technology and meet my mom and brother over the phone or whatever! I needed my family there with me.


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