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Difference between Carpet and Blanket cleaning

Blanket cleaning

In carpet cleaning, bonded dry soil over the carpet surface will be removed via thoroughly vacuuming with a particular Turbine Vacuum System. This is one of the most essential steps in carpet cleaning. Furniture will be displaced cautiously. Disposable blocks are helpful for furniture protection purposes. Then for more deep cleaning, a preconditioning agent is applied to general spots and break down traffic area soil. Special chemicals are used for pre-treatment of difficult spots to increase possibilities of removal. To loosen the soil further, a verified carpet groomer is executed. Then a powerful extraction cleaning system is implemented to rinse the carpet completely. This action will not leave even a single sticky residue behind, and carpet will not be over-wet in this step. Carpet is neutralized by balancing its ph value, and again, this will ensure to remove sticky residue left behind, if any. Special spotting solutions are also utilized to make sure any stains/spots still remaining will be cleaned out totally. Re-grooming helps the pile of the carpet to dry in the right direction and speedily. The drying process becomes faster when high-velocity air movers are placed during the whole carpet cleaning procedure.

Turning to the other side of the discussion, Blanket Cleaning is much different and easier than carpet cleaning. First of all, most blankets can be cleaned in washing machines or by hand once a month, depending on their stuff and fabrics.

Fill a tub with water and dissolve any suitable detergent in it. Swiss your blanket through the water. By kneading, soft strokes, drag it back and forth in the soapy detergent water. Take hold one part of the blanket for a few turns, then pull it out and wash a new blanket section. Repeat the process until the blanket has been washed completely. Take out the blanket from the soapy water and press out the blanket to run out the excess water by squeezing the blanket. Avoid wringing the blanket as this can stretch the stuff of the blanket out of shape. After removing excess water, wash and swish each section of the blanket individually, using plain cool water ( without soap/ detergent),  and be sure that no traces of the detergent remain on the blanket. Do not treat your blanket with harsh washing techniques, but washing machines can also be used depending on the fabric of the blanket under strict supervision and recommended rules of the professional cleaners.


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