7 places to visit in South Africa

Places to visit.

South Africa is the ideal destination for the adventure junkies and the off-road travelers who are looking for amazing experiences every time. From safari to scuba diving, you find a large beautiful array of wildlife, vineyards, big mountains and beautiful beaches in this country. You can also witness how the country went to become the democratic land, so you can learn about its tumultuous history, land and peoples in the museum. Like all these, there are many places you can visit this beautiful land, you can collect best prices with applicable Cleartrip Coupons.

So, if you are planning to visit the beautiful country of South Africa, then these are the best places you can go and visit to make your journey memorable:

See the Apartheid system at the Apartheid Museum

In South Africa, Apartheid museum is one of the most visited places in India which sing the tales of 20th century South Africa. You can witness how South Africans used to live in the old times at the museum. Under the Apartheid system, you can see how the people used to live through the videos, photos, press clips, personal artifacts and moving anecdotes. So, if you want to know about Apartheid South Africa, then this museum is worth going. There are 22 individual exhibition areas in the museum where you can enjoy every moment and get amazed every sec. The museum also has a garden and a coffee shop too to make your time light and fun.

Know about the democratic journey of South Africa at the Constitution Hill

The Constitution Hill in Johannesburg is another beautiful attraction in South Africa which shows the struggle how the country went on to catch the democratic world. The place has a wonderful museum which shows you all this. Also, Constitution Hill Johannesburg is the home to South Africa’s present constitution court. You can hire a guide and take a guided tour of the mesmerizing place as the guides will tell you about all the nuts and bolts of the significant details in the museum.

Visit one of the eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa, Cradle of Humankind

If you want to explore something breathtaking when you are visiting South Africa, then the Cradle of Humankind is worth going which is located in the city of Johannesburg. Cradle of Humankind is a museum where you can witness many artifacts, archeological findings and more ancient objects. Also, it is one of the eight World Heritage Sites in South Africa. Moreover, you can know more about stones, bones, skeletal remains of bodies which will amaze you- that’s for sure.

Head to the Addo Elephant National Park

If you are the one who loves spending time in nature’s lap and loves wildlife, Addo Elephant National Park is the place for you. It is one of the largest country national parks in South Africa. Located in the Eastern Cape region of South Africa, the national park is popular for a number of elephants it houses with brownish skin color which is because of the red soil of the region. Moreover,  you can also see animals like ostriches, antelopes, and warthogs. In 2004, a group of lions and a group of spotted hyenas was also brought in the national park.

South African essence resides at Cape Town

Cape Town is the most visited tourist destination not only in South Africa but also in the whole of Africa. This metropolitan city bears the Mediterranean climate. So, you can visit this city easily with no climate or weather barrier. Sky touching buildings, developed infrastructure and nature’s touch too, this is what makes this city worth visiting. You can go for shopping in the city, go to many prominent places or visit the beaches in the evening to experience the breathtaking sunset.

Witness the surreal views from the Garden Route

If you want to witness nature’s surreal beauty in South Africa, just head to the Garden Route which is at the south-eastern coast of the country. You can find a large number of lagoons and lakes along the coast and the name garden comes from the variety of vegetation it bears on the land. You can also head to some of the best places like Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Nature’s Valley which are located here or are near to the place. Get information about latest updates on NLC Jobs by following subscribing way defined.

Take a cliff side walk at Hermanus

Near the Garden Route, there is a place called Hermanus which is very popular for its shore-based whale-watching experience. You can see the whales which migrate to this region every year to mate and breed in these shallow waters. Also, you can take a 6 miles long cliff-side walk which will give you surreal and breathtaking views. There are also built-in telescopes integrated at the place.

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